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Tidings from the West


Greetings Brethren and tidings from the West,


 This has been one of the fastest summers I can remember but it must be because I am having so much fun. If you remember last June at our business meeting, we were presented with two petitions. Our investigation committee has completed their work and will be presenting their findings at our September meeting on the 5th. This is one of those times when we exercise our obligation as Master Masons to shape the future of our Lodge by casting a vote. I hope you will be able to attend and conduct our business all while enjoying the reunion of the Brethren after being dark for the summer.

Several Brethren and I have also been meeting with another gentleman who has shown a keen interest in the fraternity. While visiting Oshkosh Lodge #27 this summer, I had the great pleasure of meeting and listening to another Masonic Brother from the east coast. He has been on a successful quest to tell the real story of his father during the cold war years and is the founder of the Cold War Museum outside of Washington D.C. His research and efforts have brought honor to many Cold War Veterans and their unsung work. Brother Francis Gary Powers Jr told the story of his father, Francis Gary Powers, and the U-2 incident May 1, 1960. Those of us who are ‘Baby Boomers’ or older or anyone who has seen the movie Bridge of Spies may know of this pivotal point in US/Russia relationships. I spoke with him about bringing his 1.5hr presentation to Utah and I believe we can work something out. Utah State University has also shown interest so there could be substantial cost sharing. I would appreciate you relaying your interest level to me so that I can determine if it is a viable endeavor to bring him here. I look forward to seeing you all after the summer break.


Kevin K. Bailey
Senior Warden


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