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Recently during an Ogden Masonic Temple Board meeting, I was reminded of the concept as well as the heritage of our Masonic Legacy. What is that we leave for others as an example of our passions, commitments and moral principles?

As I was sitting there thinking on these thoughts, my mind went back to the few times that my grandchildren have come to the lodge for open houses, spaghetti dinners and masonic events. They look forward to those times that they get to spend time with their “papa” at the lodge. My seven-year-old grandson and four-year-old granddaughter have spent time helping me clean up and do dishes after the last spaghetti dinner we had, and they both have ask when was the next time they would be able to come to the temple. Those are memories that I hold dear, and I hope that they will as well.

Though our masonic edifice, filled with the symbols of the craft, the spiritual energies of those that have meet here, and the memories of joy and pleasure from our association … is a very important legacy that we need to sustain and maintain … it is the gift of self that we give to others that is our true legacy.

In a world that seems to be increasingly filled with dissension, violence and harsh rhetoric; love compassion and kindness is the necessary nectar that we can provide to those around us. Being mindful of our thoughts, feeling and emotions is a gift we give to ourselves, as well as the spiritual presence that we share with others.

Every single mystery school that taught their adherents the higher spiritual gifts, first and foremost taught them the importance of understanding and harnessing that internal monitor of thoughts, feeling and emotions, that lies within the internal workings of the individual soul.

No doubt that is why “it’s the internal, not that external qualifications that recommend a man to be a mason.”


Kenneth J. Noorlander
Senior Warden


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