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Bethel #2 Job’s Daughters

Come Fiesta!

Bethel #2 Fundraiser

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dinner at
Bella’s Mexican Grill

2651 N 1850 W
Farr West

Dinner includes: 
Buffet, drink, chips & salsa

$15.00 per person

Contact any Bethel #2 member for tickets

Tidings from the West

Greetings from the West Brethren,

Autumn is now here but it looks like it came and went as snow is showing on top of  the mountains.  We have a lot of work to do this month.  We meet at the Lodge every Wednesday from 6:00 PM until 6:30 PM to welcome visitors who have questions about Masonry and our fraternity.  So far, we did not have a lot of people coming.  From 6:30PM  to about 7:30PM, work and instruction follow. Some of the subjects we will be working on this month are :  Ways to organize and present ourselves and the fraternity to potential candidates during the 6 o'Clock sessions; ideas on how to redesign our website and making it more appealing; discussion on Masonry in general and work on  the EA and MM catechisms and degrees in particular.  Your presence and input are important so please join us on Wednesday. 

50 Year Pin Presentation

At our regular business meeting on October 4th, Grand Master Robert Wolfarth will be in attendance to present Brother Homer Cutrubus with his 50 year pin. 

Brother Cutrubus was initiated an Entered Apprentice on 6/14/67, passed to the Degree of Fellow Craft on 9/20/67 and was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on 10/18/67.

On the level my brothers, as always.


Jean-Marie H. Pijuan
Senior Warden


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