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Bethel #2 Job’s Daughters

Come Fiesta!

Bethel #2 Fundraiser

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dinner at
Bella’s Mexican Grill

2651 N 1850 W
Farr West

Dinner includes: 
Buffet, drink, chips & salsa

$15.00 per person

Contact any Bethel #2 member for tickets


Tidings from the West

Brethren all, recently I had the privilege of attending the Grand Masters Accelerated Class at the Salt Lake Masonic Temple, while watching the wonderful rituals being performed and seeing the excitement on the candidates faces, this allowed me to reflect upon the not so long ago time when I myself journeyed through the three degrees. I reflected upon the joy, excitement and zeal I felt during this time, as well as the hesitation and fear associated with the memory work it entails. I began to ponder upon the many degrees, we as a lodge have performed, over the past several years. One question stuck in my mind, where are these Brothers now? I hear many Senior Masters, Past Masters and Past Grand Masters speak of the rewards and joys a life of Masonry has provided them, and can attest to this fact myself in the few short years since I have been a Mason.

     We as a lodge and more importantly as Brothers have the duty, nay, more than that, an obligation to assist these newly obligated brothers in achieving the same great feelings and pride we have for the fraternity. Let’s work together in unity to assist the officers and Brethren through further coaching, much needed assistance in degree parts and lectures, and above all, just being there for a Brother in need.



Greg Hamilton
Senior Warden


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