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Worshipful Master Bailey mentioned that we will be balloting on inducting two new brothers into the lodge this coming Wednesday May 1st. This is an exciting time to participate in such an event, as we see new maturity, wisdom as well as youth coming into our brotherhood.

I have heard PGM Tibbitts’ mention every time he spoke to the fraternity, that he believed that we were on the verge of a renascence of interested brothers coming into the lodges. I believe that in many ways that we are witnessing the first ripples of what we all hope is a wave of new interest, in those principles and practices that we hold close to our hearts. Brother Tibbitts also spoke most eloquently on our need to be ready to meet the needs of those who will be coming our way, not only ritual proficiency, but in educational knowledge, and a willingness to share our most treasured experiences and wisdom.

When I have studied successful organizations, both secular and religious, there is a common theme that runs through them, and it’s not always what you think. We would like to say its, principles, beliefs, perhaps policy and purpose, or even environment and benefits … but what I find in winning organizations is a sense of family … and that’s what is see missing in organizations on the decline.

I think we are fortunate in Unity Lodge #18, in that we have fostered this sense of family. It comes from the heart of every brother and the example of our Past Worshipful Masters. It’s one of the attracting factors that every new candidate I have met with mentions. That they sense in some way, that we’ve made them feel like they belong, that they are part of a family.

Something to think of and perhaps more importantly be grateful for, we are a member of very inclusive family of ethical souls.



Kenneth J. Noorlander
Senior Warden


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