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The Ogden Masonic Meetup Group
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Masonic Temple in Ogden
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Tidings from the West

Greetings from the West Brethren,

First let me wish you a Happy New Year as we start Masonic Year 2017.   I hope that this new year will lead us to work productively toward the craft and its rituals.  Let's not forget our contributions, monetary or in kind, to the charities and the communities around us.  This too is one of the important duties of the brotherhood.  In ancient times, operative masons performed manual labor for which they received wages, notably corn, wine and oil.  As speculative masons, our wages are brotherly love, compassion and friendship to which I am adding the good we can bring to the world and the satisfaction thereof.  A lot of challenges await us but as Master Masons, we will surmount them all.

On the level my brothers, as always.



Jean-Marie H. Pijuan
Senior Warden


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