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The Ogden Masonic Meetup Group
Meets every Wednesday
at 6:00 PM at the
Masonic Temple in Ogden
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Tidings from the West

Brethren, for our February Educational feature we will be discussing the Common Gavel, one of the working tools of and Entered Apprentice. I hope that you will find our discussion interesting, and plan on participating as well.

I would like to invite all Master Masons of Unity Lodge #18 to join the Officers on Wednesday evenings for our degree work. We hope you will attend so that we can all learn something about the ritual work, the symbolism of the degree, and further our Masonic learning. I plan on personally inviting our candidates who have been through the degree to attend and see it from the sidelines. I will also ask one of our senior members to prepare a talk on the degree for a Q&A after the practice. "Lead me, and I will follow."


Brother Denny Wilcox
Senior Warden




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