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As we look forward to the coming month(s), with all the busy things going on in our lives, let us not to forget to take care of ourselves and our families.  We have a lot going on in Lodge this month; Grand Lodge Communication and 2 Master Mason degrees.  We will also celebrate the birthdays of two of our greatest presidents:  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who both led this country during some very trying times.  I urge all of our younger brothers, that once they get their master mason degree to not sit idly on the sidelines; learn one of the parts in one of the degrees or learn one of the lectures (I know that is a big piece) but you can start with learning the apron lecture; it’s not that big and is a great start.  You can even volunteer to coach one of the new entered apprentices.  Too many times when we get a man through the degrees, we lose them for who knows why.  I remember when I joined the lodge we were not really growing.  I think we did maybe one EA in about 2 years.  While I was studying my catechisms, I wish I could have attended more initiations as that would have helped me to remember all that I was learning.  I was very busy at the time as well; I had gone back to college and was working on my master’s degree and had very little time to study, and in the middle of that, I had to move to Denver for a year and re-learn a different catechism than the one I started.  I did not give up and eventually passed it all off.  It was a long, hard road, one beset with many difficulties, but I persisted and that persistence paid off.  I have gotten more out of masonry that what I put into it and will forever be grateful.


Timothy L. Stenner, PM
Senior Warden


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