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Greetings from the East!


Brothers, February will be a very busy month for us in the lodge, and I very much look forward to the opportunity to advance two of our brothers to the Master Mason degree.

It has given me a moment of reflection as I think back on my experience during this august ritual, which was performed on my behalf. I would imagine all of those who are Master Masons came away from the experience with more questions than you would have expected. And there is one of the more profound mysteries of the fraternity and one of its hidden blessings; it creates a field of questions and an opportunity for further learning.

There is a concept known as the “The Socratic Method” of learning and teaching. It is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions. In other words no lecture is given; no information is shared, unless there is a question that prompts the learning event. This is the highest form of learning and the dessert for every Master Mason’s intellectual feast.

I have found that when a sincere question is formed in one’s mind, and intuitively asked, synchronicity seams to take over and the answers begin to come, and not always as one would expect. I have often been amazed and surprised at the connections that are made in the minds of intuitive souls, and within the discussions that can be held with likeminded seekers of truth.

One of the greatest gifts that our Divine Creator has given us … is the ability to ask “why”. As we participate with our brothers in these upcoming events, let us remember that to question is divine, the question leads to building a divine relationship with that which lies within and beyond, and the answers we receive lead to mastery.

This journey was never intended to end. There is always something else to learn, something else to see and some additional experience to have. We are not confined within the sandbox of intellectual or religious propriety, be we can live and play on a beach of unlimited potentiality. May your play, my brothers, be fruitful and enjoyable. May you enjoy the sand between your toes.

Fraternally Brethren,
Ken Noorlander, WM


From the Secretary’s Desk


We have been asked to conduct a Courtesy Masonic Memorial Service for Brother Carl Jeerings, a member of Drumlin Square Lodge #1180 of Palmyra, New York.  We presented Brother Carl with his 50 year pin 12 years ago.  Carl is a Past Associate Grand Guardian for Utah Job’s Daughters.  The service will be Saturday, February 8th at 3 pm at the First United Methodist Church in Marriott/Slaterville. Please let WM Noorlander know if you are able to assist with this service.   

Just a reminder that if you have not already done so, please send in your dues of $100.00 for 2020 to the address below: 

    Unity Lodge #18
    P.O. Box 9295
    Ogden, UT  84409

Sincerely & Fraternally,

David W. Barron, PGM-Secretary

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