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Bethel #2 Job’s Daughters

Come Fiesta!

Bethel #2 Fundraiser

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dinner at
Bella’s Mexican Grill

2651 N 1850 W
Farr West

Dinner includes: 
Buffet, drink, chips & salsa

$15.00 per person

Contact any Bethel #2 member for tickets


Greetings from the East

Greetings from the East Brethren. 

Our work for the 2016 Masonic year continues. I think that we are honing in on the last few tasks that we need to complete for the Master Builders Program and our regular Lodge requirements.  The big one that needs to be completed is conducting a MM degree.  We will perform that degree in November, either with a candidate (two Brothers are working on their FC Catechism) or with a special participant.  I would like to remind all of our Brothers who assist in the MM degree to make sure to be up to speed on your part, as we will want to exemplify this degree in the most correct and beautiful manner possible.  The perfect conduct of our ritual serves several purposes. Which include; communicating the intended lesson in its purest form, maintaining unity within the jurisdiction, and certainly providing the candidate with the very best degree to which he is entitled.


Denny K. Wilcox
Worshipful Master



From the Secretary’s Desk:


The end of the year is fast approaching.  Just a reminder that our dues for 2017 will be due before we know it.  Dues will continue to be $75.00 a year and can be paid anytime.  I will print dues cards the end of November to be sent out with the December newsletter and lodge installation announcement.

I am mailing notices to all those Brethren that have not paid for their 2016 dues as well as those that may be behind from 2015 & 2016.

If you have any question regarding your dues, please contact me.

Hope to see you in lodge.


David W. Barron, PGM-Secretary

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