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From the East

Greetings from the East,

Spring has sprung and along with it another event filled month. We are looking at much work to be done in May. We have several degrees to perform and many candidates in various stages. Coaches please keep myself and Sec. MW Bro. Barron informed of your progression.

A special thanks to all the Brethren who performed a courtesy funeral this past month, and a very special thanks to WB Tim Stenner for putting it all together. This reminds me of the very reason I sought out brotherhood in the Fraternity, the kind of men our institution is full of, the willingness to drop personal needs and projects in order to help other people at the drop of a hat. What a glorious thing we have the opportunity to be a part of, being able to serve something greater than ourselves.

Finally Brethren, continue to travel east and seek out the light each of us is in search of.


Worshipful Master Greg C. Hamilton

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