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Bethel #2 Job’s Daughters

Come Fiesta!

Bethel #2 Fundraiser

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dinner at
Bella’s Mexican Grill

2651 N 1850 W
Farr West

Dinner includes: 
Buffet, drink, chips & salsa

$15.00 per person

Contact any Bethel #2 member for tickets

From  The East

               Greetings Brethren, let me begin by apologizing to all my Past Masters as I haven’t had a chance to work on our Past Masters night.  I hope to get it arranged during the summer for September or October.

     Speaking of summer break, I hope all the brethren and their families have a fun and restive summer and all come back safe and sound in September.  To my officers, thank you for all the hard work so far, I know you’re looking forward to a break and I’ll let you have July but if you don’t mind, I want to practice opening/closing and each of the degrees, the three principle officers and our Brother SD Greg Hamilton.  I would really like to be ready after our break.

     We’ve completed quite a few degrees the first half of the year but we’re not done yet, we’ve got at least one EA, an FC and MM this month, if there is a need to perform a degree while we’re dark I’m hoping the brethren will come through with the needed help.

     I would like to again thank the brethren for all the support so far, it shows what the brotherhood is all about and just confirms what I’ve always felt, Brother Masons keep faith with God, themselves, their brothers, and their obligations.  I’ll see everyone in September.  Have a safe summer and God bless.



Thomas E. Caygle Sr., Worshipful Master


March 2011 - April 2011 - May 2011

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