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Greetings from the East!


January is one of those months here in the northern hemisphere where it is often cold, dark and somewhat dreary. Perhaps that is why it has become a time for reflection and recommitment, because as assuredly as winter follows fall, spring and summer follows winter.

First thoughts … the installation ceremony for this masonic year was an exceptional experience for myself and my family. A deep and heartfelt thanks to the brothers and their ladies that were able to attend and participate.

I am sure that every newly installed Worshipful Master has similar thoughts of indelicacy and humility at the opportunity to serve. It is a solemn experience to sit in the Oriental Chair and hold the masters gavel, and such solemnity caused me to reflect on the contrast that the moment provided. 

can’t help but draw contrast between my previous experiences with some of the religious bodies that I have had dealings with, and the feeling that something was always missing, that I would never be found worthy to receive the greater mysteries.

In contrast, within the bodies of the fraternity, I am among brothers of every walk of life, which have dedicated their lives to being the best they can be, not out of compulsion, but out of dedication to the internal light that is within. A place where you are given an environment for companionship and study without fear of judgement. Everything I have experienced with study groups, religions and personal associations, all pale in comparison with the experience I have had as a Mason.

That is what we as Masons can offer the world and those who are un-initiated in the mysteries of Godliness … a place of comfort, study and brotherhood.

I very much look forward to serving with you in the coming year.

Fraternally Brethren,
Ken Noorlander, WM


From the Secretary’s Desk


Thanks to the many Brethren for sending in their dues. I have enjoyed your notes. If you have not already done so, please send in your dues of $100.00 for 2020 to the address below:

    Unity Lodge #18
    P.O. Box 9295
    Ogden, UT  84409

Sincerely & Fraternally,

David W. Barron, PGM-Secretary

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