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Bethel #2 Job’s Daughters

Come Fiesta!

Bethel #2 Fundraiser

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Dinner at
Bella’s Mexican Grill

2651 N 1850 W
Farr West

Dinner includes: 
Buffet, drink, chips & salsa

$15.00 per person

Contact any Bethel #2 member for tickets

From the East

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and joyous holiday season.  We are planning a productive month that includes initiating two new brothers as well as continuing our coaching nights on Monday evenings.  This training will be expanded to include training in the degree lectures. 

On Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday our Mt. Ogden Lodge Brethren will be participating in a breakfast that morning at Marshall White Center in Ogden.  I will be helping with that and would like to see some participation from our lodge in this function if you are able to.  Contact me for details.

The last Wednesday of this month another Masonic Education evening is planned.  A list of books that should be in every Mason's library has recently been released and I want to see if these works could be included in our library. 

Some plans that are in the works include a meet up group and a better way of connecting prospective candidates with those individuals who can expedite the process so we don't lose new members as well as keeping track of those on our member list who don't attend lodge so they don't slip through the cracks.  Have a wonderful beginning to this new year of opportunity.


Benjamin Johnson
Worshipful Master


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