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The Ogden Masonic Meetup Group
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at 6:00 PM at the
Masonic Temple in Ogden
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From the East

The last Wednesday of January will be another education evening.  A list of books that has been suggested that every Mason should have available to them will be distributed as well as readings from other sources from around the world. 

February has always been a month of folklore, history and romance.  From Groundhog Day to President's Day to St. Valentine's Day. 

During our upcoming business meeting a special education feature will be presented that honors our first president and brother George Washington.  May Valentine's day be one of strengthening the relationships with the special ladies in our lives.

 A special thanks goes out to Brothers Keith Stansfield and Will Stamps for joining me for the Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast. It was a good opportunity for us to connect with our Mt. Ogden brothers.  No matter what the groundhog predicts, let us be faithful to attend the meetings and continue to be involved. Any ideas will be appreciated and seriously considered.


Benjamin Johnson,

Worshipful Master


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